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Haridas Temperature Measuring Instruments

Accurately calibrated Easy to read Rugged and reliable

Horizontal / Back Entry Thermometer

Vertical / Bottom Entry Thermometer

Variable Angle Thermometer

Technical Specifications
Stem All models, Type 304 stainless steel (highly resistant to corrosion)
Standard lengths offered: 3", 6", 9", 12"
Standard stem diameters: 1/2", 3/8", 8mm, 1/4"
Heads and Bezels Head/Dial Sizes: 2.5", 4", 6".
2.5" & 4" horizontal models, Type 304 stainless steel
6" horizontal and all vertical models of die-cast aluminium.
Bushings and Nuts All models, Type 304 stainless steel, Available in 1/2" BSP, 1/2" NPT, 3/8" BSP, fixed or adjustable connections.
Types Horizontal, Vertical, Variable Angle.
Glass Optically clear, strong glass.
Dials Anodised aluminium. Raised black marks and numbers with stain matte finish background. Easy to read, minimum parallax.
Accuracy All models are accurate to within plus or minus 1% of the full scale. Readings stabilised within 40 seconds.
Ranges -50 to 50°C
-50 to 100°C
0 to 50°C
0 to 100°C
0 to 120°C
0 to 150°C
0 to 200°C
0 to 250°C
0 to 300°C
0 to 400°C

Choose from 3 types (Horizontal, Vertical, Variable angle), 4 stem lengths, 4 stem diameters, 3 Head/Dial sizes, 3 mounting nuts (Process connection) and 10 temperature ranges. In all 4320 possibilities. For more specific requirements of yours enquire with us for prices and delivery terms.

When ordering your EaSee Bi-metal thermometer, specify

• Dial/Head size
• Choose from : a. Horizontal, b. Vertical, c. Variable angle
• Stem Length and Diameter
• Mounting Nut or Bushing
• Temperature Range.