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Haridas Electrically Operated Industrial Ovens

Haridas Drum Heaters

Drum Heaters are mobile ovens heated by flexible surface heaters. They are made in rugged designs and stand normal usage in chemical industries. They can be used for heating the contents of drums kept in the vertical or horizontal positions.

The contents may either be melted completely and removed as a liquid, or they may be melted only at the surface touching the drum walls and removed as a solid block by tilting the drum. The heating in "HARIDAS" Drum Heaters is gentle and uniform, and there is no chance of local overheating.

Model HDH : 1
Inner Diameter 2 Feet
Maximum Surface Temperature 200°C
Capacity 200 Lt.
Type Of Control Energy Regulator
Input Power 7.5 kW
Input Supply 440 Volts, Three Phase, 4-wire system