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‘EaSee’ Bi-metallic Dial Thermometers

We manufacture Bi-metallic Dial Thermometers under the brand name of EaSee.

EaSee Bi-Metallic Dial Thermometers are used extensively by Industries, Laboratories, Processors, Universities and Government agencies all over. Easy to read dials, rugged construction, leak proof welds and guaranteed accuracy assures the discerning buyer of the finest thermometer which is also easily within reach of even the most modest budget.

Accurately calibrated The most precise calibrating methods are used in the fabrication, calibrating and testing of each sensing helix coil before it goes into an EaSee thermometer. Experienced engineers and craftsmen ensure precise production of each unit in every phase of manufacturing.

Easy to read Clear, crisp, raised marks and numbers on the dial provide exceptional readability. The double anodized aluminium dials with stain matte finish background and black raised marks and numbers assure minimum parallax.

Rugged and reliable The all-metal construction, except for the optically clear glass of the thermometers and their specially welded fabrication make them virtually unbreakable. The type 304 stainless steel stems offer exceptional protection against highly corrosive materials. Stainless steel stem, plugs and mounting nuts are actually fused together to form a perfect moisture-proof bond. Each EaSee thermometer is meticulously manufactured step by step to produce a most efficient precision thermometer.

Available in a wide variety of dial sizes, stem lengths, mounting connections and temperature ranges, EaSee Thermometers offer the user much flexibility in selecting just the right configuration to meet virtually every temperature requirement. These accurate thermometers have been manufactured to the very highest standards of excellence by expert craftsmen using the finest materials available.