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Selection Guide for Bi-Metallic Dial Thermometers

1. Temperature Range (Scale Range)
Scale range should be selected to use normally between 60 to 80% of full span. If temperature exceeds the temperature range, it may damage the bimetal sensor.

2. Connection Type

Union Type – Standard spec.

By tightening the fixing screw to the connecting thread, the position of the stem remains fixed.

Adjustable Type – It consists of a fixing screw that can slide along the length of the stem. Used where the insertion length of the stem needs to be adjusted.

The position of the fixing screw on the stem is first adjusted. Then it is tightened with the connecting thread.

3. Bulb minimum insertion length
According to type, temperature range and bulb diameter, minimum insertion length is decided. When placing order or while deciding the required specifications, select a suitable length which is longer than the minimum insertion length.

4. Thermowell
In the following conditions, thermowell should be provided to protect the bulb:

• In case of corrosive fluid, thermowell of suitable material is necessary.
• In case of high pressure, thermowell suitable enough for operating pressure should be used.
• In case of flowing fluid, thermowell suitable to withstand flow and viscosity should be used.
• In case of fluid that flows out while taking off the thermometer, a thermowell should be used.