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Electrode & Flux Drying Ovens

2 Kg Capacity, 200°C Oven.
With Energy Regulator to prevent overheating.

Portable Electrode Drying Oven, Model - HIEC:200:ER

Easily carried to the job – in the shop or field
Even, continuous heat for 100% protection of electrodes
Rugged, steel construction

Echnical Specifications MODEL - HIEC:200:ER
Overall Size (mm)
(Pkg.) (H x W x D)
690 x 190 x 275
Working Space (mm)
(Dia. x Depth)
62 x 432
Capacity (approx) 2 Kg. (4.4 lbs)
Temperature Range Ambient – 200°C (392°F)
Input Power 165 Watts
Input Current 0.7 Amps
Input Supply 230/240 V, Single phase AC, 50 Hz
Air Circulation Natural convection
Type Of Control Energy Regulator (Variable time delay control)
Equipment Weight (approx) 4.5 Kg.
This model is also available with
1. Temperature indication – By a Bi-Metallic Dial Thermometer
2. Input voltage - 24V AC, 60V AC or 110V AC
3. Convenient removal of hot electrodes - With an electrode puller
Optional Accessories
1. Electrode Puller