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Electrode & Flux Drying Ovens

Basic model with 2 Kg Capacity, 200°C Oven.

Portable Electrode Drying Oven, Model - HIEC:200

Easily carried to the job ā€“ in the shop or field
Even, continuous heat for 100% protection of electrodes
Rugged, steel construction

Technical Specifications MODEL - HIEC:200
Overall Size (mm)
(Pkg.) (H x W x D)
690 x 190 x 150
Working Space (mm)
(Dia. x Depth)
62 x 432
Capacity (approx) 2 Kg. (4.4 lbs)
Temperature Range Ambient ā€“ 200°CĀ  (392°F)
Input Power 165 Watts
Input Current 0.7 Amps
Input Supply 230/240 V, Single phase AC, 50 Hz
Air Circulation Natural convection
Type Of Control None
Equipment Weight (approx) 4 Kg.
This model is also available with
1. Temperature indication ā€“ By a Bi-Metallic Dial Thermometer
2. Input voltage - 24V AC, 60V AC or 110V AC
3. Convenient removal of hot electrodes - With an electrode puller
Optional Accessories
1. Electrode Puller